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VEDIC MATHS Trick to  find Nearest value area of circle

Nearest value area of circle using vedic maths trick

Formula of area of circle is 22/7 * (radius)2

We can find the nearest value of area of circle using a simple vedic maths trick, which can be used only for multiple choice questions in any kind of competitive exams.

1) Lets assume a square round the circle with side of the square equal to that of diameter of the circle.
2) Divide the square to 9 small equal parts.
3) Its clear that the circle covers the 7 parts out of the 9 parts of the square divided.
4) Hence area of circle will be 7/9 part of area of square.

Following is an example for the actual value of the circle and nearest value of it found using the trick.

Find area of circle if radius is 6cm.

1) As per the formula of area of circle actual value will be = 22/7* 6^2 = 22/7*36= 113.14cm2

2) Using the trick to find the nearest value

Area of circle = 7/9 * 12^2 = 7/9 * 144 = 1008/9 = 112cm2

We found the nearest value of area of the circle with a simple trick using vedic maths.

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